3 Ways to Work Better With your Creative Team

Feeling a bit frustrated with your creative team or agency? They just don’t seem to get it. Here are 3 ways to improve your communication with your creative team and get the design you want:

1. Provide Good Specs

A good creative brief focuses on the business objective of the design project. It  should not attempt to provide direction concerning the aesthetics of the design- that is the responsibility of the designer.

Below is an example of a Bad vs. Good creative specs for an email newsletter:

Bad Specs

Good Specs


2. Ask Yourself these Questions Before you Say Anything

Always view the creative piece as a business tool & ask yourself the following questions before commenting on the design:

  1. Does the design communicate your message?
  2. Will the customer/target audience understand the message?
  3. Will the messaging and the imagery appeal to the targeted demographic?

3. Give Constructive Feedback

Discuss rather than dictate changes to the design.

Make the Call to Action Button Bigger

The above does not communicate a problem with the design. How is making the CTA button larger going to meet the business goals of the creative piece?

the call to action button does not stand out

This is a comment a designer can work with. Perhaps, the design is too cluttered and a change to the color of the CTA button or changes to the copy and imagery would make the CTA button standout versus increasing the size.

Avoid personal preferences.

I dont like the image

This is not very helpful to your creative team. You may not like the image but does it appeal to your target demographic? Does it help convey the message of the design piece?

the image does not appeal to the target audience

When you focus on failures in the design versus giving your opinion,the designer can better come come up with a solution–choosing a more suitable image.

Here are a few more helpful statements:

  1. The font is not legible.
  2. The copy does not stand out because of the color of the background.
  3. The design does not contain all the requirements included in the creative brief.




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